Other Services

3D CAD Mechanical Drawing and BIM Integration

Let us locate your critical hanger points in the field using the Trimble system, the latest computer aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) technology. Experience increased productivity and incredible time savings by eliminating costly hand layout. However, our services don’t stop with hangers, we can also use points to locate equipment, equipment pads, wall openings, roof openings, etc. If you have points, we have the location. How does it work? For more information contact us at www.constructionpointsplus.com.

Duct and Equipment Cleaning Service

Air duct and air handling maintenance can have a significant impact on the air quality of any facility. Regular duct cleaning is a critical function to supply the best air quality for the occupants of a facility. Elite provides duct and equipment cleaning services to ensure that your facility maintains the cleanest air possible.